Enjoy Pura Vida Costa Rica

Costa Rica hotels are rated by the Ministerio de Tourismo of Costa Rica based upon their criteria. The star rating means that the hotels offer and have available to the guest those services the Ministerio requires for the star rating the hotel is given.

Arenal Volcano erupted in 1968 and has been active since then. Arenal is today, the most active volcano in the country. A number of Costa Rica hotels in the area are situated so as to provide magnificent views of the volcano.

Beautiful Potrero Beach Near Flamingo Costa Rica

While it is difficult to play in all the courses during a limited vacation, the combination of San Jose and Guanacaste is the ideal way to play in the valley and by the beach. Top golf Costa Rica hotels and resorts can be found in both regions, making this combination our most popular Costa Rica golf vacation package.

There are lots of possible itineraries in Costa Rica. Some of the top ranked places to visit in Costa Rica are: Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal volcano, Monteverde Rain Forest, Poas Volcano, Tamarindo, Jaco Beach, Tortuga Island, Malpais, Montezuma, Puerto Viejo, La Fortuna and of course San Jose.

Enjoy the Pura Vida life and have a good safe trip in Costa Rica


Four Seasons Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a terrific travel destination and hundreds of thousands of visitors from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other countries come for its great beaches, mountains, weather, and activities.

It does not have to cost you a arm and leg to experience Costa Rica, just a little creativity, coupled with knowledge..

Adventurers and explorers have marveled about this country for centuries.

Christopher Columbus was the first to discover it, doing so in 1503. He was so enthralled he gave it its name, Costa Rica–the rich coast.

About seven decades later, an English captain and seafarer named Sir Francis Drake rounded the southernmost point of South America and traveled north until he landed at what is now called Drake Bay off the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. You may have heard of this fellow: he is famous for destroying the Spanish Armada and saving England in 1588.

But, unlike these guys, you do not need a boatload of people to help you get around and it will not cost you the Queen’s treasure, either.

Want a boat ride? Think about a nice cruise along the tropical waters off the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

For about the price of a bottle of water or can of soda—and less than a beer—you can travel between the Pacific port of Puntarenas and the southern tip of the beautiful Nicoya Peninsula on a fun ferry.

How much?

That all depends on where you and what you want to spend. From the Luxurious Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo down to the backpackers hostel, Costa Rica offers it all.

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